TLC5940 RGB Flower Necklace

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Rainbow flower necklace using the TLC5940.

The TLC5940 chip gives us Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control over 16 outputs. We plug in 5 RGB LEDs to make this RGB Flower necklace. Using the 14 channels of PWM we can display a full-spectrum of rich rainbow colors on your neck! Get your very own RGB flower necklace, at the LucidTronix store. The chain comes from ohio beads, they have lots of nice jewelry components. Also check out our tutorial for to driving the TLC5940 chip.

Sun Flower Necklace

This sunflower shaped PCB contains an atmega168 and a tlc5940 chip which all full spectrum control of 5 RGB surface mounted LEDs.

Necklace Video

Watch the analog interactive animations on all those RGB LEDs!

Download EAGLE files and code

Download the EAGLE files and the arduino code here!
Click Here to Download: Download EAGLE files and code


Title Description # Cost Link Picture
TLC5940 Necklace PCB The circuit board for the RGB LEDs and TLC5940 flower-shaped necklace. 1 $8.0 Link Screen_shot_2013-02-15_at_6.33.27_pm
TLC5940 IC LED DRIVER PWM CONTROL 32-QFN Value: 3 V ~ 5.5 V 1 $3.37 Link Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_7.34.51_pm
ATMEGA168A-AU IC MCU AVR 16K FLASH 32TQFP Value: 1.8 V ~ 5.5 V 20MHz 1 $2.43 Link Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_7.31.53_pm
Potentiometer POT ROTARY, Linear 10K OHM 9MM SNAPIN Value: 10k 1 $0.76 Link Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_7.41.04_pm
RGB LED LED RGB SMD DIFF 4-PLCC Value: 1.9V Red, 3V Green, 3V Blue 5 $0.55 Link Clvba-fka
Resistor Chip Resistor - Surface Mount RES 10K OHM 1/8W 5% 0805 SMD Value: 10k 1 $0.1 Link Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_7.29.44_pm
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