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Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are circuits with electrical wires printed onto a non-conductive board. PCBs are our bread and butter here at LucidTronix! We like to have our PCBs cut into fun, meaningful shapes, and printed with beautiful silkscreens. For small prototype runs OSHPark delivers some beautiful purple boards produced in the USA. OSHPark has fairly quick turn around time, usually getting a board back in under two weeks from when you order it. Seeed Studio's Fusion PCB service is a doorway to PCB manufacturing in China, they are based in Shenzen. Boards from Seeed Studio arrive in about a month, as international shipping can be slow. Seeed Studio offers free shipping for orders over $50.


Title Description Cost Link Picture
RGB SunLight PCB Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the RGB SunLight. Has proven through-hole footprints and eletrically tested traces. $15.0 Link Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_7.38.23_pm
Heart Matrix PCB The heart shaped PCB holds the shift registers and LED matrices. $7.0 Link Screen_shot_2013-01-17_at_10.01.22_pm
PCB Bike Kit The circuit board for the bike computer $8.0 Link Screen_shot_2013-01-26_at_4.13.47_pm
PCB L293 Breakout Stepper motor control with just two control lines. $4.0 Link L293_boards
HSB Joy PCB PCB controls a screen, thermal printer, joystick and SD card $11.95 Link Screen_shot_2013-03-01_at_7.31.39_pm
PCB Wearable Wayfinder PCB holds a DS1307 rtc clock and TFT LCD Screen $9.95 Link Pcb_front_naked
PCB Heartduino Standalone heart matrix arduino clone PCB. $9.0 Link Screen_shot_2013-04-03_at_12.31.10_am
PCB 7 Segment LED Display and 74HC595 Shift Register 74HC595 Shift Register breakout board for 7 Segment LED numeric display $4.0 Link 7segment_pcb_naked
PCB Keyboard DIY Through Hole Printed circuit board for our DIY Shift register based keyboard. $6.0 Link Keyboard_kit_pcb_back_naked
PCB DS1307 Breakout Board Breakout board for the DS1307 Real time clock chip. Uses I2C protocol. $4.5 Link Ds1307_breakout_pcb
PCB Leo Keyboard Printed Circuit Board for shift register based Leonardo Keyboard $7.0 Link Leo_mini_keys_pcb
PCB 4x7 Segment LED Breakout Printed circuit board for our 4 x 7 segment LED shift register breakout board. $6.0 Link 4x7segement_led_pcb
PCB QWERTY keyboard kit This board holds the 32 buttons arranged in the common QWERTY format. $6.0 Link Qwerty_kit_pcb
PCB LEO Gamer Circuit board for the LEO Gamer. Joystick, accelerometer and TFT LCD Screen. $10.0 Link Leo_pcb
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