This page lists many of the software libraries we use at LucidTronix. Some of them are written by us and others we use and link to here for reference. Libraries are code that you can use like a black box, just include them in your project and don't worry about all the messy details :).
Two LED matrices give 70 LEDs to light up a necklace with messages....
Here is another arduino library to handle Hue, Saturation, and Brightness as well as Red, Green, and ...
Put images onto your circuit boards with eagle silkscreen footprint library....
An arduino library for the MMA8453 Triple Axis Accelerometer...
A library to interface Arduino code with the 3 Axis L3G4200D gyroscope....


Silkcreen Bitmaps

Unzip this file and then add it your eagle lbr folder located within the eagle application folder. Uncompressed this baby is 35 megabytes so look out!
Click Here to Download: Silkcreen Bitmaps

Heart Matrix Library

Download the arduino Library and example code here.
Click Here to Download: Heart Matrix Library

MCP79410 Arduino Library

Download the library here! Unzip it and move it into your Arduino libraries folder. Quit Arduino and restart and then check out the example code under File > Examples > MCP79410 > mcl_79410_serial
Click Here to Download: MCP79410 Arduino Library


Great library from Adafruit for controlling this LCD Screen Github page here.
Click Here to Download: ST7735

I2C Arduino Library

Similar to the wire library but more flexible. You may wonder why we cannot use the standard Arduino Wire library, it is because the MMA8453Q uses a repeated start condition for the read operations and the default Wire library cannot handle those without modification.
Click Here to Download: I2C Arduino Library

MS Timer2 Library

We use the MS Timer2 library to run the Heart Matrix display function as an interrupt function so that the LED matrices get updated quicker than your eye can make out the individual columns of light. The library is the excellent work of Wim Leers, and we host it here for your downloading convenience :).
Click Here to Download: MS Timer2 Library

Adafruit Graphics Library

The Adafruit GFX library. This is the wonderful work of adafruit we just host it here for convenience. We made the most minor modification of replacing the dash in the library folder with an underscore so this baby is ready for your Arduino library folder out of the box :) Check out the GitHub page for the latest.
Click Here to Download: Adafruit Graphics Library

Heart Matrix Arduino Library

Download the Color Library from Github

Grab the latest code here! Download and unizp into your Arduino libraries folder.

MCP79410 Real Time Clock Arduino Library

MMA8453Q Accelerometer Arduino Library

A clean and simple library for interfacing with the MMA8453Q chip built on top of Kerry Wong's post and ninjablocks work. We had to change the address to:
const byte I2C_ADDR = 0x1C; //SA0=0
previously it had been 0x1D. Download the MMA8453Q Accelerometer library from Github!

HMC Compass Library

Download the library for the 3D compass module.
Click Here to Download: HMC Compass Library

L3G4200D Gyroscope Arduino Library

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