A Joyous Arduino-Based Gaming machine! Full color L
Need to add text or animations to your next project
Do you want 10 LEDs but only have 3 wires? The Sun
Do you want to build a watch or another time-sensin
Need numbers? Want to keep score or display the tim
Add sound to your project with this little ear-shap
The bike computer kit is your personal on cycle dat
Type text with beautiful buttons! The DIY QWERTY K
The RGB Rainbow Sun is your own personal rainbow fa
A carefully crafted electric necklace with beautifu
The Heart Matrix LEO is a LED display with wings!
Build your own keyboard! Want to add text to your p
Need to make your next project wireless? Try our 5
This L293 breakout board allows you to precisely co
Wear kaleidoscopic colors around your neck with the
Got numbers? Check out this little breakout board
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