XBEE 5V Breakout Board

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Need to make your next project wireless? Try our 5V XBEE breakout board. This is a super simple breakout board for the XBEE radio modules from zigbee. It gives access to the basic serial port functionality of the XBEE (the RX and TX pins). The board is easy to power because you can give it the 5V from an Arduino. There is an onboard voltage regulator and transistor to handle the level shifting. Also the 2mm spaced XBEE pins are broken out into the more breadboard friendly 0.1" pins making it nice to prototype with.
This product is the fully-assembled breakout board shown in the photos, but does NOT include an XBEE module. You can buy one from adafruit, sparkfun, or your favorite electronics supplier.
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Created: Fri, Apr 12 2013 12:35PM