MCP79410 Clock-Shaped Breakout Board

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Do you want to build a watch or another time-sensing gadget? The DS1307 is a real-time clock chip which can keep track of time for years. It is powered by the included coin-cell lithium battery. We share some sample Arduino code to interface with DS1307 in our tutorial. We also have a tutorial for building a 7 Segment LED clock with this PCB. The PCB comes with a power LED and clock-like silkscreen to remind you what the device does (That's what we call onomatomimetic electronics.)
The chip communicates using the very common I2C protocol. Our Arduino sample code will help you get started. This PCB can come with male headers which are ideal for use with solderless breadboards, or with female headers if you want to wire it up without any soldering or without any headers if you want to solder to it directly. Select one of the options below.
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Created: Mon, Jul 22 2013 9:03PM