4 x 7 Segment LED + 4 Shift Registers

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Need numbers? Want to keep score or display the time? Use this little breakout board to display 4 numbers for a scoreboard or a clock! Its easy to hook up to an Arduino or other microcontroller and we supply code in the tutorial below. You may daisy-chain these modules together giving you 8, then 12, the 16 digits all for only 3 pins on the Arduino or other micro-controller. You can hook it up to a real time clock chip and build your own Arduino clock.
The breakout board comes fully assembled. Just hook it up to an Arduino using the sample code from our tutorial and you are ready to go. Choose whether you want headers attached to the board or select no headers if you want to solder hook-up wire directly to the pins. If you select headers we will attach female headers to the input side and male headers to the output side so that it is easy to wire up without any soldering.
Request a 4 x 7 Segment LED + 4 Shift Registers below.
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Created: Sun, Jul 21 2013 3:35AM


    display used red and each its digits 0.56 "
    Wed, Oct 25 2017 10:52PM
    can I order this module with 4 digit 7 segment display model with no distance between the 2 digits like the example above?
    Wed, Oct 25 2017 10:51PM