DIY Keyboard

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Build your own keyboard! Want to add text to your project, but don't have 26 free pins on your microcontroller? This shift register based keyboard can help! It only takes 3 pins from your Arduino or other MCU and gives you 32 buttons. All the letters of the alphabet, as well as delete, space, enter, shift, punctuation, and clear. We have arduino code ready for you in our step-by-step tutorial. You can buy this as a DIY kit for $19.95 or ready-made (no soldering required) for $29.95. You can use it as a USB keyboard by hooking it up to an Arduino Leonardo. Or use it to get text on an LCD Screen.
If you prefer the more common QWERTY layout for your keyboard, we've got you covered: check out the very similar DIY QWERTY Keyboard.
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Price:$ 19.95

Created: Thu, Jun 27 2013 8:24AM


    Yes you can connect to a computer through an Arduino Leonardo, and Yes the keyboard can return the state of all the keys at once.
    Sat, Feb 28 2015 1:03PM
    Hi, i want ask this product, can this product conect with computer ?
    Tue, Jan 20 2015 10:47PM
    Hi, i would like use keyboard in such a way that few keys would be pressed at once. Does read keyboard function return whole keyboard state? Which arduino could process two such keyboards at once ? Thank you in advance.
    Wed, Mar 19 2014 11:11PM