Wearable Wayfinder

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Introducing the wearable wayfinder. An Arduino on steroids! Full color LCD screen, accelerometer, compass, and real time clock loaded onto a wearable gadget! USB programmable from the familiar Arduino IDE. Custom 3D printed enclosure in various colors. Rechargeable Lithium battery included.
Watch, compass, game system, and electric bling all rolled into one! This little gadget has tons of functions displayed in rich 16-bit color on a cute little 1.8" LCD screen. You can use this wearable as an alarm clock with a little musical scale played from its piezo buzzer. Or use the compass function to know which way you're headed. Check out our tutorial to see how this bad boy was built!
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Price:$ 79.95

Created: Fri, May 03 2013 10:46AM