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We just submitted the heart matrix and the bicycle computer to the Next Top Makers Challenge. We think it is great that there is an NYC EDC sponsored challenge that has DIY kits as a category. it was such a pleasure to click that radio button and see the black check mark and blue highlighting next to those shining letters: D-I-Y. DIY and DIT revolution is here! Check out our submission page f... Read more
What better way to say eye luv ewe than with some electric heart bling. Green LED messages of love. Check out our Heart Matrix and the tutorial that explains how its all put together. The heart matrix can display any message you like. It also totally open-source and hackable. You can control it using arduino or your favorite micro controller platform. It takes about 30 minutes to build it. ... Read more
LucidTronix is an open-source hardware, firmware, and software developer. You can read more about us on our about page. We are developing a ton of tutorials about embedded electronics and designing fun and crazy-shaped circuits boards. We make electric jewelry, robots, hearts, and EAGLE and arduino libraries, and a bunch of other stuff. If you've got questions or comments please feel ... Read more

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