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The newest and coolest member of the Heart Matrix family is the Heart Matrix LEO. This guy is a programmable standalone Arduino clone with an LED Display and a heart-shaped 3D printed enclosure. They come fully-assembled and ready-to-go, rechargeable battery included. Program them by plugging into any computer's USB port, and using the Arduino software. The Heart Matrix LEO looks like and Ardui... Read more
The 4th annual NYC Maker Faire was HUGE + FUN! Now that it has come and gone and we've had a day to recover we want to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our table, chatted with us, or played with our gadgets. And a special thank you to our newest customers who helped us sell out of the Wearable Wayfinder and the LEO Gamer on the first day of the Faire! And another thank you to Janin... Read more
Text is everywhere, so why not include it in your electronics projects! We make it easy with our palm-sized keyboards. Our keyboards are cut into ergonomic and evocative shapes. They come as do-it-yourself kits, and or ready-made gadgets, and can interface with micro-controllers like the Arduino or regular computers over a USB port. Our Leonardo Keyboard comes with a brain on board so you can p... Read more
Our first trip to the enormous Bay Area Maker Faire was awesome. Great to see the amazing projects and be totally overwhelmed! The slaperoo wowed our ears and arc attack electrified our eyes! Loved tickling the electric giraffe and seeing his rainbow eyebrows rise. It was also a pleasure to meet so many people and hear their thoughts on our electric jewels. Drop us a line to stay connected! We ... Read more
We are psyched to be participating in the Westport Mini Maker Faire this Saturday April 27th on the Jesup Green, at the Westport, Connecticut library. We will bring heart matrices, rainbow necklaces, wearable cellular automata, color clocks, and ROBOTS!!! Hope to see you all there! We will be heading back to Connecticut on Sunday to show some prototypes at the closing of Startup weekend in Stamf... Read more
LucidTronix had a fun week! We gave two presentations pushing our next top makers entries: the heart matrix and the bike computer. The first presentation was at NYC Hardware Start-up meetup, the makezine blog has an awesome photo summary. Thanks Nick Normal for the sweet pictures! Also thank to Haytham Elhawary who organizes the NYC hardware start-up meetup for having us present. Wednesday night... Read more

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