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Augmented reality is an amplification and acceleration of one's perception in the form of heads-up displays overlaying information on our picture of the world. Virtual reality, where the overlaid information obliterates the natural world entirely, is the logical extreme of augmented reality. But the ubiquity of physical computing devices need not create further aggrandizement and ossification of ... Read more
This week we built a computer lab at the Jubilee Performing Arts Center (JPAC) in McComb, Mississippi. The lab is based on Raspberry PI computers and makes extensive use of recycled electronics including screens, keyboards, mice, and wires. JPAC is an inspiring institution with about 150 students in grades k-12. JPAC director, Terrance Alexander, has been leading an initiative within to school f... Read more
Just found a sweet site for converting from a bunch of video formats into animated GIFs. Thank you EZGIF!! Challah Lou Yah! Now checkout my first LucidTroniX powered GIF art! They have tool for trimming the video in time or scaling and cropping it in time.... ... Read more
Polyglotte is a San Francisco-based Benefit Corporation, founded by my amazing friend and POLYmath Daniela Semeco. They're developing awesome multi-lingual keyboards, with up to 17 different languages. To celebrate there is a Launch Party and keyboard exhibit tomorrow at noisebridge. We are psyched to be showing our DIY QWERTY keyboard, and our Leonardo Keyboard.... ... Read more
Nobel Laureate, physicist, Bongo player, and orange juice lover Richard Feynman delivers seven incredibly cogent and accessible lectures on basic physical principles. The lectures were released as part of project Tuva thanks to Bill Gates. I especially love the last one where he describes the process of trying to discover new physical laws. Near the end he gets to this incredible phrase: "Imagin... Read more
Using an awesome technique I learned at alpha one labs I cover my walls with pegboard-- sorting tools in plain sight and with easy access :) This is our new garage art home in Glen Park, San Francisco. Complete with hot air and stencil soldering station, photo studio, gadget gallery and supply shelves! ... ... Read more

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